Custom Bottling for your Regalo-pressed olive oil

FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATES WILL BE DELIGHTED to receive holiday or promotional gifts of your very own extra virgin olive oil! Regalo is happy to bottle, cork, and seal your Regalo-pressed extra virgin olive oil. We can apply labels as well (if you supply the labels). Regalo has a number of beautiful Italian antique green glass bottles perfect for olive oil in 8, 12, and 16 oz sizes and various designs.


You can also shop for and supply Regalo with your own special bottles. For small lots, the Olive Oil Source has a number of options. Larger orders of 1,000 bottles or more can be purchased by the pallet through Regalo or various vendors.

Bottling Fees | Bottle Charges | Label Application

Bottling fees are $3.00 per bottle, including filling, corking and shrink wrap sealing (we have a number of differenct colored bottles and seals available).


Bottle charges depend on your choice of bottle: 250cc bottle: $3.00 each; 375cc bottle: $3.25 each; 500cc bottle: $3.50 each; 5 gallon bottle: $15.00 each.


Label application is extra, depending upon specific requirements.


Turnaround Time

Bottling orders may take a few weeks to complete as our pressing schedule permits. We will do our best to meet any bottling deadlines if arranged in advance.